Paradoxical, Infinite Tea.

I was making tea just now, when this occurred to me:

As I dipped the tea bag in the water, the water level increased for obvious reasons. However, when the water level increased, more of the tea bag’s volume became submerged, right? The logical assumption would be that the water level would increase further. What happens next though? If the water level increases further, even more of the tea bag will be underwater, so the water level would increase even more, and so on and so forth till infinity! Sure, the effect would diminish with every increase, but with an infinite number of increases, even if each is of smaller value than the last, shouldn’t the water level increase to infinity? Shouldn’t I have an infinitea? 😉

Going off of that, shouldn’t any kind of submersion in water cause an infinite increase in water level?

What is an infinity anyway? In math it’s just a really big number, and that’s what we consider it in physics too, but that isn’t it in real life!

If I say I have a million dollars, I don’t mean I have an infinite amount of money, I mean I have exactly $1000000. Does the concept of infinity really even exist in the world?

My friend once told me humans made up the concept of infinity, and at first I thought he meant we “made it up” like we “made up” the big bang and general relativity: I thought he meant we discovered it as a theory.

I’m thinking now that there is no such thing as infinity, and that what we call infinite is anything that exceeds the ability of Human Logic to comprehend.

Like when I say that “people are infinite.”


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